Use the webcam on the PC as a surveillance system
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Gives remote access to the webcam connected to your desktop or laptop, letting you see the feed from anywhere. Includes motion detection technology as well as image and video capture scheduling capabilities. Can stream the webcam footage on websites.

WebcamXP is a web-camera recording, streaming, and monitoring utility. It allows you to manage different imaging devices, record, and stream their input. It supports all sorts of web cameras (including the PC webcams, IP web cameras, etc.). It also allows you to connect to remote camera feeds from all over the Internet or a private network.

Once you have selected a camera that you want to use, webcamXP allows you to do many a thing with it. It features a scheduler that can automatically record video, start streaming, or even take snapshots of the camera input at specified periods. Furthermore, the "Auto-gallery" feature allows the application to upload snapshots to an FTP server or host them on the built-in HTTP server. This web server starts running automatically and it allows you to broadcast your webcams to a web site or a live chat. There are real-time statistics for the HTTP server usage, with CPU usage and download and upload speeds.

The free version of webcamXP limits the number of simultaneous video sources to one, and it adds a webcamXP watermark to the bottom of your feed. But, after all, it is free, and it works great.

José Fernández
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  • Easy to use.
  • Built-in web server.


  • Only 1 cam in the free version.
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